Believe in things that can
fortunately change your life

Mano to Bhagwan, na Mano to Pashan..

Jyotisha (Hindu Astrology) is like a saying – Mano to bahut kuch hai, na mano to kuch bhi nahi!(If you believe you have much, if you don’t believe it you have nothing).

In context to Jyotisha, many people have had good experiences as well as bad experiences. These different experiences are encountered only if the astrologer has no in depth knowledge about his subject or the customer has not given proper information about his / her birth date and birth time.

According to me, an astrologer along with his knowledge of reading the understanding the Kundali should also have the knowledge of Palmistry (hasth rekha) and Forehead Reading (mastak rekha). Even if the customer’s birth time is not proper, the astrologer can still give proper information by either palmistry or doing forehead reading.

Jyotisha is an infinite subject. It is so vast subject that how much in depth knowledge one has, it is still less only.

My friends, I would like to tell you that astrologer is neither God nor is claims to be God.

Jyotish is a combination of 2 words, they are

Jyoti (light / lamp) + Ish (Ishwar – God) = Jyotish

Jyotisha is one kind of God’s light, which guides us in our bad times and gives us new light of hope and positivity. Jyotisha provides easy solutions to everyone who faces any kind of difficulties or problems in their life. Eventually, the person has to go through difficult times but the Jyotisha in the form of light will always be there with you to guide you, making sure that you have the right astrologer with you.

My friends, if you want to experience my astrology once and want solutions to your questions through Jyotisha, contact me. I will always be happy to help you and guide you.

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